When NOT to Drink Pee

Pee drinking is fun, safe, and even healthy, but there are times when you should avoid drinking pee.  Here I’ve listed the general cases where you should avoid drinking urine, though you could still have fun with it in other ways.

Don’t drink urine if…

  • …the pisser has been drinking alcohol.  Beer pee might be the easiest pee to drink, but it has more toxins than normal pee.  I’ve also found drinking beer pee tends to worsen any hangovers I may have.
  • …the pisser is taking any medications.  The medications can get flushed out in the urine.  Consuming that urine will recycle those meds, which could lead to taking more than prescribed, or if you are drinking somebody else’s pee, you may have an unsafe reaction to the medication, especially if it is prescription medication.   I’ve personally noticed that I can recycle caffeine by drinking my pee after drinking caffeinated energy drinks.
  • …if the urine is really salty.  This is particularly true when drinking your own pee.  The body is trying to get rid of excess salt.  You don’t need that salt, so don’t drink that pee.
  • …the urine is not fresh.  Only fresh pee should be drank.  Once pee has been exposed to the air, it will begin to oxidize and break down into ammonia.  You can still have fun with it though, you just wouldn’t want to drink it.

Apart from the cases above, you shouldn’t have any problems drinking urine.  Drink up and enjoy!  Cool

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