Ways of Consuming Pee

For someone new to the whole idea of actually drinking urine, consuming pee must sound like an extremely radical concept.  It really isn’t though.  People of all cultures have been drinking pee throughout recorded history.  This page describes some of the best ways that I prefer.

  1. Drink urine straight from the source.  Obviously this is the freshest.  If you are peeing into your own mouth, or someone else is peeing into your mouth, this approach has a couple of advantages.  It keeps the urine sterile from excretion to ingestion, and doesn’t give the urine any time to oxidize.  The drawback, of course, is that this could be messy, though sometimes that can be part of the fun.   This is most commonly done while sitting in a bathtub, but could also be done outside on the lawn, or even in the kitchen if the floor is easy to mop up (or put a towel down first).  Drinking your fresh urine as your are peeing can be a fantastically erotic experience, and urine has known benefits to your skin so don’t worry if you miss your mouth.  If you are drinking from someone else, you won’t get quite the same health benefits as you would from drinking your own, assuming the donor is healthy.

  2. Drink urine from a freshly filled glass.  This is the most common way to drink your pee.  The urine therapy crowd will tell you to only drink the midstream since the urethra may contain some bacteria that gets flushed out with the initial flow of urine.  This is the method I am generally accustomed to. It is convenient, non-messy, and you can decide how much or how little you want to drink.  You have the benefit of being able to sip it and enjoy it longer.  I find the taste is best while it is still warm.

  3. Drink urine mixed with food or beverage.  This approach is best for people who can’t quite stomach drinking urine yet, or who just prefer not to taste it as much.  Peeing into a glass of fruit juice is a good way of getting your regular urine intake.  Usually a 50/50 ratio is about the most you can add to juice before it really starts to affect the taste.  Alternatively, you can pee on your food.  This works very well with items such as soup, cereal, and most anything in a bowl that you would eat with a spoon.  Just mix it in and enjoy.

There is nothing quite like eating a bowl of soup knowing that you’ve pee’d into it, or being out in public drinking a bottle of apple juice that is half (or all) urine.


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