Verification is a badge of honor bestowed upon Participant level members who meet the requirements to be verified.  This is to ensure that our community of verified members consists of only serious cum on food lovers, pee on food lovers, and food play lovers who are willing to share their passion with others.  This means that to earn the verified badge, you must have a fully completed profile with real and honest answers.  You must have real photos of your genitals, and demonstrate your ability to take and share enticing good quality photos of your semen and/or urine in a manner consistent with the food theme of this website.

To reach Participant level status, you must have a completed profile as an Observer.  (To reach Observer, you must complete your Subscriber profile.)  Once your Observer profile is complete, you will be automatically upgraded to Participant.  Only Participant level members will be considered for verification.  The verification process will involve manually reviewing your profile, including any website links you provide that might further demonstrate your passion for cum/piss fun.  The process may also involve some form of direct online communication such as email, Skype, or IM.

Verified members will have access to additional features that are only available to the truly dedicated cum on food, pee on food, and play with food lovers of this site.  They will be able to contribute and share more of their cum and piss for all of us to enjoy.