Urine F.A.Q.

What is in urine?

Urine is mostly water, plus a complex collection of many tiny amounts of nutrients and minerals that are filtered from the bloodstream.  For more, see What Is In Pee.

Why is urine yellow?

Urine has a yellow hue due to a yellow colored blood pigment called urochrome that gets filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys.

Is urine safe to drink?

Urine, from a healthy, hydrated person, is 100% safe to drink.  For more, see When Not To Drink Pee.

What does urine taste like?

The taste of your urine will vary based on what you have been recently eating.  The more protein you eat, the more bitter tasting your urine will be.  Eating a lot of fresh fruit will give you a very pleasant tasting pee.  Some foods, such as popcorn and asparagus, will give your piss a strong odor, while vegetables such as beets will make your urine reddish.  Its fun to taste how different foods impact the taste of your pee.

Are the benefits of drinking urine?

There are benefits to drinking your urine.  Some people believe urine is a panacea for good health, but mostly it is a homeopathic choice.  For more, see Why I Drink Pee.

Are there side-effects to drinking urine?

There are a couple minor possible side effects to drinking urine that result from drinking a large amount of urine too quickly.  For more, see When Not To Drink Pee.

What else can urine be used for?

Urine can be used for more than just drinking… see Other Users for Pee.

Can urine be stored and used later?

Stored urine should only be used topically.  Urine spoils quickly.  Only drink fresh urine.

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