Terms of Service

Last edited:  2015-11-24

1. Acceptance of Agreement

By completing the registration process, you agree to this Agreement. This Agreement, between you and All Natural & Naughty Fun Blog (ANNF), may be updated from time to time. Notifications of any significant updates will be posted in the Announcements Forum. Your continued use of our services signifies your acceptance of the changes. This Agreement will always be available to users on this page for you to read.

2. Age Restriction

The All Natural & Naughty Fun Blog is strictly intended for adult use (ages 18+) only, solely as a form of entertainment. By accessing this site or its discussion forums, you are required to be of the minimum age (18). If you are not 18 or older you are required to leave the site immediately.

3. Quality of Service

ANNF makes no guarantees implied or otherwise about the quality or reliability of service. ANNF attempts to maintain a high level of standards without making any implied or explicit guarantees.

4. Disclaimer

You are visiting ANNF and making use of ANNF services at your own risk. ANNF can not be held responsible for any damages incurred through the use of this website whether directly or indirectly.

5. Prohibited Topics

Discussion about but not limited to illegal activity, incest, sexual acts with those under the age of 18 (pedophilia), bestiality, child pornography, rape, violence, or hate speech are strictly prohibited. It is the discretion of the ANNF administrators and moderators as to what topics violate this policy based on the context of the reference.

6. Acceptable Behavior Standards

To ensure a high quality experience for all visitors to this website, certain annoying behaviors are not acceptable. These include, but are not limited to spamming, flooding, berating, degrading, misrepresenting, deceiving, demanding, grandstanding, and rudeness. Users who exhibit any of these behaviors may have their account restricted and/or deleted.

Additionally, it is consider annoying to repeatedly post out of context discussions, or engage in shameless self-promotion.

These standards are in place to promote a friendly, welcoming, supportive community of like-minded individuals.

7. Advertisements

ANNF prohibits unauthorized advertisements to our visitors. If you offer a pay service or product and would like to advertise with ANNF, please contact the ANNF Webmaster directly.

8. Personal Information

ANNF will never sell or distribute your personal information. This includes but is not limited to your email address.

9. Abuse Policy

Those discovered abusing our services or our terms of service will be immediately banned and may be reported to their ISP. IP addresses are logged for such an occasion.