The Cum Chef

The heart-pounding excitement of ejaculating on food for the first time is one of those things you don’t soon forget, especially if you eat it as well.  It is such a naughty and exciting feeling, almost like losing your virginity all over again.  It may seem like such a simple and obvious act, but it opens the kitchen door to a new realm of erotic culinary exploration.

A Cum Chef is anyone who enjoys adding semen to meals, and anyone can be a Cum Chef.  Of course it helps to have a penis, but that is not a requirement as long as you have access to fresh semen.  It is also not a requirement that you actually eat cum to be a Cum Chef.  All that is needed is a supply of healthy semen and a desire to add it to food.

Tools of the Trade

Just like any chef specialized in a specific form of cooking, Cum Chefs have a variety of “kitchen” tools available to them.  These include:

  • Cum storage containers.  Good for both storing cum for later, and accumulating larger quantities for recipes that call for more than a single load of cum.
  • Cum Chef’s Apron.  If you cook with an apron, you may need one of these to allow for easily adding fresh cum to any meal.
  • Cum Frother.  Frothing cum vastly changes the presentation of cum with a meal.
  • Cum Warmer.  Thawing frozen cum to use in a recipe has never been easier.
  • Cum Cookbooks.  Need ideas for something new to try?


Most of the time, there is just not enough fresh cum available to impact the flavor of a meal.  Often, semen acts like more of an exciting garnish.  The Cum Chef has a variety of different ways to use cum as a garnishment.

  • The sticky nature of cum allows it to be used as a base to add candy sprinkles.
  • Frothed cum can also be used with food coloring to create a foamy topping of any color that would look great with the meal you are preparing.

Cum Chef Skill Levels

Let’s have a little fun and see where we stand as Cum Chefs.  Use this rating system below to determine your level, then using the poll and comments below, let us know where you rank today.

  • Novice
    This is the entry level for Cum Chefs.  We all start here the first time we ejaculate on some food.  At this point your cum meals are not planned, and don’t involve any of the Cum Chef tools mentioned above.  You simply cum on whatever you have available while you are masturbating.
  • Apprentice
    You have learned how to edge your orgasm, allowing you to more easily ejaculate on a variety of foods without losing any cum.  You have also shopped for food with the specific intention of preparing it with cum.  At this level you have also stored cum for future use.
  • Master
    As a Master Cum Chef, you have used two or more types of cum chef tools described above.  You are skilled at highlighting the visual appeal of cum when serving over food.  You almost always have a supply of stored cum ready to use with a good meal.  Finally, you have mastered the art of edging, allowing you to place fresh semen, straight from your penis, directly onto your food with guided precision.
  • Grand Master
    The Grand Master Cum Chef is a special case for someone who also has a high degree of culinary expertise.  They understand how to get the most out of using semen as an ingredient.  They have mastered every aspect of incorporating semen into a meal.  They have also shared their cum infused meals openly with others, who have full knowledge of what they are eating.
What level of Cum Chef are you?
I am a Novice Cum Chef.
I am an Apprentice Cum Chef.
I am a Master Cum Chef.
I am a Grand Master Cum Chef.
I am not allowed in the kitchen.
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