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More Yogurt Fun, with a Surprise!

These images are from a while ago.  I had forgotten that I made a short video of some routine yogurt fun.  When I finally got around to reviewing this I was expecting just another random photo shoot with my penis in yogurt, but the video had a little surprise at the end.  While fast forwarding …

Eating My Own Cum

Have you ever thought about eating your cum?  Maybe you already have, or maybe you tried but lost interest after your orgasm.  I’ve been eating my cum for many years, ever since puberty, but it wasn’t always as easy as it is now for me to eat it. At first, …

Stir and ENJOY!

My Penis Parfait

I’ve been making delicious penis parfaits for a while now and thought I’d share my fun creation.  These are easy and fun to make.  They can also easily be shared with someone else or simply enjoyed while watching TV.  Cleanup with a damp paper towel is quick and easy. Ingredients: …

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