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Making sourdough with vaginal yeast

Wow, I know what you’re thinking… Yum!  Right!?  My thoughts exactly!  A woman blogger shared her experience making sourdough bread using yeast cultivated from her vagina.  In her blog post you’ll find her recipe.  She also discusses the reactions she got when it went viral on Twitter. Be sure to …

Another stunning vagina

Absolutely perfect!  Love the jewelry and the rose adds a nice classy touch.   So mouthwatering!  Love love love those lips!  If anyone knows where to find this jewelry, please let me know so I can include a link. Link to this post!

Lovely Vagina

Is there anything in this world more beautiful than the female body?  I can’t think of anything.  This photo is intoxicating.  I just want to lick, suck, taste, and bury my face for hours in those gorgeous lips!  There is no shortage of female porn on the web, but this …