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Smoothie with Jizz

This simple orange and banana smoothie, topped with a fresh orgasm of cummy jizz, put me at the halfway point in my goal to eat a full gallon of semen.  Such a tasty milestone! Link to this post!

Cum Sucking Good Smoothie

I really love ejaculating into my smoothies.  I can point my penis down toward the smoothie and have a great orgasm.  The smoothie is such an easy target, there is no need to edge my orgasm.  I can let go and have a totally satisfying orgasm straight into the smoothie. …

Doesn't that look yummy?

Another Semen Smoothie

There is more than one way to add sperm to a fruit smoothie…  Normally I just add my fresh cum on top of the smoothie after I’ve blended it.  The semen can also be used as an ingredient before blending.  I tend to prefer the first method so I can …

Smoothie with Cum on Top, #2

Another mixed berry fruit smoothie.  This time I was better prepared to capture some good pictures. I drink these smoothies with a translucent straw.  While I’m drinking the smoothie, the cum stays on top, but slowly gets sucked down into the middle.  The straw is clear enough that I can …

Smoothie with Cum on Top, #1

When I took these photos, I really wasn’t setup well, so I only captured a couple pictures worth sharing. I really like the strong contrast between the mixed berries and the fresh cum.  I’ll try this again tomorrow, and get some better pictures. Link to this post!

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