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Poll id : #18 - September 1st, 2017 to September 30th, 2117  (Open)
Have you ever sat naked on food?
Total votes: 93
No, but it looks like messy fun! (46 votes, 49%)
Only by accident. (5 votes, 5%)
Yes, just for fun, but not to eat. (7 votes, 8%)
Oh yeah, and it was delicious! (14 votes, 15%)
No way! That would be a disgusting waste of food. (21 votes, 23%)

Poll id : #17 - September 1st, 2017 to September 30th, 2117  (Open)
Is Cake Sitting a thing?
Total votes: 69
No, but it should be! (7 votes, 10%)
Beats me, but I like it! (19 votes, 28%)
Sitting naked on cake is definitely a thing! (26 votes, 38%)
Yuck! I hope not! (9 votes, 13%)
Meh. Whatever. Maybe if you have a cute butt. (8 votes, 11%)

Poll id : #16 - December 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2116  (Open)
Do you have a regular time of day to eat cum?
Total votes: 102
Yes, eating cum is part of my morning routine. (10 votes, 10%)
Yes, I enjoy an afternoon cum delight. (1 votes, 1%)
Yes, cum is a normal part of my dinner time. (1 votes, 1%)
Yes, I enjoy a load of cum before going to bed. (8 votes, 8%)
No, I just eat cum whenever I can or when I feel the urge. (78 votes, 76%)
No, cum is disgusting and I will not eat it. (4 votes, 4%)

Poll id : #15 - November 6th, 2015 to November 30th, 2115  (Open)
How would you react to Cummus Dip at a pot luck party?
Total votes: 285
I would have to wait to see how other people reacted. (26 votes, 9%)
I would be so disgusted I would leave the party immediately. (7 votes, 2%)
I would walk away from the table and just not eat anything. (8 votes, 3%)
No big deal, but I would not eat the dip. (14 votes, 5%)
I would be willing to try the dip. (52 votes, 18%)
I would eat the dip only after someone else did first. (35 votes, 12%)
I would dig in immediately! (143 votes, 51%)

Poll id : #14 - August 15th, 2015 to August 31st, 2115  (Open)
What level of Cum Chef are you?
Total votes: 265
I am a Novice Cum Chef. (142 votes, 54%)
I am an Apprentice Cum Chef. (54 votes, 20%)
I am a Master Cum Chef. (20 votes, 8%)
I am a Grand Master Cum Chef. (20 votes, 8%)
I am not allowed in the kitchen. (29 votes, 10%)

Poll id : #13 - October 1st, 2014 to December 31st, 2114  (Open)
How often do you ejaculate each month?
Total votes: 165
21+, and most get eaten! (31 votes, 19%)
21+, but less than half get eaten. (54 votes, 33%)
10-20, and most get eaten! (3 votes, 2%)
10-20, but less than half get eaten. (24 votes, 15%)
5-10, and most get eaten! (8 votes, 5%)
5-10, and less then half get eaten. (15 votes, 9%)
1-5, and most get eaten! (10 votes, 6%)
1-5, but not many get eaten. (17 votes, 10%)
I do not ejaculate, but I do eat cum! (3 votes, 1%)

Poll id : #12 - February 14th, 2014 to December 31st, 2100  (Open)
Did your Valentines Day involve any cum eating?
Total votes: 183
Yes! Cum was eaten with food! (49 votes, 27%)
Yes! Fresh cum was eaten, but not with food. (41 votes, 22%)
No cum was eaten, but there was cum involved. (24 votes, 13%)
Sadly there was no cum on Valentines Day. (69 votes, 38%)

Poll id : #11 - February 10th, 2014 to December 31st, 2099  (Open)
Could you eat a gallon of cum?
Total votes: 2027
I probably already have eaten several gallons. (423 votes, 21%)
That is a lot of cum, but I could eat that much over time. (656 votes, 32%)
In my entire lifetime, I could never eat that much cum. (169 votes, 8%)
I am gonna try to eat a gallon of cum! I am taking the challenge too. (413 votes, 20%)
You can eat mine if you like, but I do not eat cum. (243 votes, 12%)
Cum is not food. I will not take the challenge. (123 votes, 7%)

Poll id : #10 - February 10th, 2014 to December 31st, 2099  (Open)
Could you drink a keg of piss?
Total votes: 434
I could easily drink a keg of piss, and probably already have! (73 votes, 17%)
It might take me awhile, but I could do it. (120 votes, 28%)
I could not drink that much pee, I prefer quality over quantity. (67 votes, 15%)
I would like to try! I am taking the challenge! (77 votes, 18%)
You can drink mine, but I am not drinking any piss. (51 votes, 12%)
Have fun with that, but I have no interest in drinking pee. (46 votes, 10%)

Poll id : #9 - December 26th, 2013 to December 12th, 2112  (Open)
Would you eat food if it was served with a penis?
Total votes: 383
No! That is so inappropriate and disgusting! (16 votes, 4%)
Maybe, depends on the situation. (42 votes, 11%)
I would, but only from the edge without touching the penis. (5 votes, 1%)
Yes! It would be fun to eat food served this way! (320 votes, 84%)

Poll id : #8 - June 7th, 2013 to June 3rd, 2112  (Open)
Did you celebrate National Cum On Donut Day?
Total votes: 294
I do not, and will not celebrate cum on donut day. (41 votes, 14%)
I missed it this year, but I will not miss it next year! (137 votes, 47%)
I totally shot a load of cum on a donut! (29 votes, 10%)
I enjoyed eating a donut topped with fresh cum! Hooray! (87 votes, 29%)

Poll id : #7 - May 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2112  (Open)
Would you be upset to learn you secretly ate cum?
Total votes: 1073
Not at all. I want more! (521 votes, 49%)
No, its a fantasy of mine to eat cum unknowingly. (280 votes, 26%)
I would not care, but I would not want to ever find out. (48 votes, 4%)
I would not be happy about it, but I would not over-react. (80 votes, 7%)
I would throw up immediately, and there would be consequences! (144 votes, 14%)

Poll id : #6 - May 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2112  (Open)
Would you eat a Big Mac with sperm on it?
Total votes: 1022
I already have! (115 votes, 11%)
Yes, in a heartbeat! (519 votes, 51%)
Only if it was my own sperm. (195 votes, 19%)
I would, but I would not want to know. (37 votes, 4%)
Absolutely not! (156 votes, 15%)

Poll id : #5 - January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2100  (Open)
Have you ever added your pee to your food?
Total votes: 2108
Yes, as an ingredient only. (200 votes, 9%)
Yes, but only as a topping. (163 votes, 8%)
Yes, I have cooked with Pee, and peed on food. (440 votes, 21%)
No, but I want to try it! (801 votes, 38%)
No way, that is just gross. (504 votes, 24%)

Poll id : #4 - December 22nd, 2012 to December 31st, 2112  (Open)
Have you ever masturbated using a banana peel?
Total votes: 624
Yes, and it was awesome! (253 votes, 41%)
Yes, but it was no big deal. (50 votes, 8%)
No, but I will when I get a chance. (244 votes, 39%)
No, bananas are food, not toys. (77 votes, 12%)

Poll id : #3 - September 27th, 2012 to December 31st, 2222  (Open)
Is there currently any cum stored in your freezer?
Total votes: 1054
There will be soon! (373 votes, 35%)
No, I don't store cum. (214 votes, 20%)
Yes! There is cum in my freezer! (276 votes, 26%)
There was, it got eaten! (191 votes, 19%)

Poll id : #2 - January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2222  (Open)
Have you ever drank your pee?
Total votes: 4357
No way! (548 votes, 13%)
I have tasted my own pee. (1525 votes, 35%)
I drink my pee occasionally. (1052 votes, 24%)
I love drinking my pee! (1232 votes, 28%)

Poll id : #1 - January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2222  (Open)
Have you ever eaten cum?
Total votes: 10678
No, never! (1075 votes, 10%)
Only my own. (5339 votes, 50%)
Only from others. (655 votes, 6%)
My own and from others. (3609 votes, 34%)

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