Pee Drinking Tips

Do you get turned on by the thought of drinking your own or a significant other’s fresh pee?  Have you just been unable to take that first sip?  Maybe you’ve been wondering… could you survive in a situation where you are trapped and have nothing but your urine to drink?  Our minds are conditioned by society to think of urine as a disgusting waste product.  This misconception about urine makes it difficult to get started enjoying your own personal golden cocktail!

The truth is, urine is not waste, it is excess.  Waste, such as toxins, gets handled by the liver and excreted through a different exit hole.  Urine is what the kidneys filter from the blood, which is water and excess minerals and nutrients that the body needs.  To maintain proper balances, the kidneys filter the bloodstream removing the excesses to be relieved through the bladder.  Re-ingesting your urine gives the body another chance to use these compounds.  (Note,  you should not re-ingest very salty urine or urine after you’ve been taking medication.)  The trouble is getting over the initial gag reflex that comes from the misconception that urine is disgusting.

Acquiring a taste for urine takes a little time.  Start slowly.  Try a few drops under your tongue each time you have to go.  When you can do that with no problem, try peeing in a glass.  Put your finger in the urine, then into your mouth.  You should be able to slightly taste the urine with your tongue.  Do this as often as you feel comfortable.  After a few days or a week you should develop a tolerance for the taste.  Now you are ready for a small sip!

Before you take the plunge and try a real sip (or gulp), you might want to make it easier by waiting until the taste (using the finger method above) seems palatable.  This might mean waiting until after a meal of mostly fruit and vegetables as high protein will make for not so good tasting pee.  Also be well hydrated.  The clearer the pee, the easier it will be to drink, especially at first.

Once you get accustomed to drinking your urine, you will find that you can taste the quality of your diet!  This is a useful biofeedback tool and a motivator to avoid junk food and eat well.

Drink up and enjoy!

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