Other Uses for Pee

Fresh pee makes a nice drink, but sometimes you just don’t have a taste for it or simply aren’t in the mood. Well, there are other uses for pee besides just drinking it all the time.

Gargling with fresh pee can act as a mouth rinse to help cleanse your breath. Use it as you would any commercial mouthwash, swish it around through your teeth, cheeks, and tongue, in addition to gargling. It can help rid you of bad breath, however, I still continue using regular mouthwash as part of a good dental hygiene routine.

Pee can be used topically as a skin moisturizer. You can save it up, or use it fresh. One good method would be after your morning shower, dry off, then use a body sponge to cover your entire body with urine. Allow it to air dry. Don’t worry, it won’t smell, but it will start to give your skin a soft healthy glow. Using pee this way is not new. People have been using urine on their skin for thousands of years. The main ingredient in urine (besides water) is urea, which is commonly used in many skin care products.

For additional uses for urine, follow the links for urine therapy. According to urine therapy practitioners, urine can be used topically for healing, cleaning one’s ear canal, as an enema, and others.

Know of some uses that I missed? Let me know in the comment section below.

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