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Looks like you can produce some really good looking semen!
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Maybe a good way to start with your own nut is to try it with another guys nut! I'd ejaculate on whatever you want to (See more) eat, then you add your load to it so they mix together, and then you just kind of pretend it's just my load. Off you go to enjoying your own product!~
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FunWithFood111 That sounds delicious! What a lovely idea 🙂
I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last posted! Now seems like a great time for another one of my tumblr posts. I don’t (See more) have many more left, and unfortunately, just like in my post below, I haven’t been eating very much cum lately 🙁 I guess that means I really need to stop wasting so much time (and cum!!) and start making and eating more yummy cummy snacks, so I can share more of my experiences with everyone. I really want to eat more cum, I just need to do it!

Anyways, for this post’s snack, I switched to chocolate ice cream, just like I was thinking at the end of the last post. The result was heavenly. Check it out below, and please let me know what you think in the comments!

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I last posted, as I’ve had a few ups-and-downs and hadn’t eaten any more of my cum. However, I’m pleased to say that I broke my cum-slump last night!

Before last night’s lovely (and delicious!) treat, I must confess that during the interim, while I had the urge to snack on my cum, and even covered two different pints of chocolate ice cream with my thick white sperm, I ended up throwing them away (an awful, stupid waste of semen, I know). I’m not sure why, but I was just overcome with embarrassment and nervousness after topping the chocolate ice cream with my fresh sperm, though I found I was much more disappointed at the waste of cum afterwards.

After two failed attempts, I knew that I had to eat my cum no matter what, and like they say, the third time’s a charm!

Last night, I was absolutely determined to consume my cum and made myself repeat out loud, over and over again, “You have to eat your cum. Just eat your load. You’ve already wasted too much cum in your life. Just eat your own cum. You will eat your cum. You want your own cum. You NEED your own cum. Be a good boy and EAT YOUR OWN CUM!”

As I repeated my mantra, I took out a brand new pint of chocolate ice cream, scooping out a hollow in the center where my fresh sperm could collect in a pool. Satisfied with the result, I eased my already rock hard cock out of my boxers and began slowly stroking it. I took my time teasing the length of my penis, caressing the tip, working gently down the quivering shaft until I reached my balls, which I massaged for a few minutes with the hope of stimulating more semen production, as I knew that I had to work up a big, thick, creamy load of sperm to eat to make up for my failures.

Soon, I felt my testicles begin to tighten in anticipation of releasing their precious nectar, so I tugged and teased them harder, coming right up to the edge of orgasm before stopping entirely.

I allowed myself a brief retreat from the brink of orgasm and said aloud, “It’s almost time. It’s almost time to eat your cum. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, what you’ve needed. You need your cum. You need to eat it all. You need to eat your whole load. JUST EAT YOUR CUM.” I resumed stroking, repeating this to myself as I edged my cock a few more times, stopping to taste the dallops of precum that leaked from the tip of my penis every few minutes. Soon enough, I couldn’t hold onto my sperm any longer. It was time.

I grabbed the pint of chocolate ice cream and positioned it directly beneath my throbbing cock. I bent my knees, pointed my penis down into the chocolate ice cream, and jerked myself for all my worth. In seconds, I rocketed past the brink of orgasm.

Wave after wave, pump after pump, shot after shot, my thick, creamy load of semen blasted into the ice cream, coating the sides of the chocolate hollow and dribbling into the center. My knees buckled as a squeezed out every last drop of cum into the ice cream. Satisfied and buzzing from the afterglow, I replaced the lid of the pint and placed it back into the freezer, to rest for a bit before my return to devour my snack.

Of course, shortly after placing the ice cream in the freezer, I began to feel nervous and embarrassed. I pushed these thoughts from my mind and reminded myself that I must go through with eating my own cum, I couldn’t fail again. But the thoughts wouldn’t leave. They returned endlessly, and my mind fixated upon the cum coated ice cream in the fridge. Soon, though, my anxiety turned to curiosity. Had the cum frozen yet? How did it look now? I decided to investigate.

I retrieved the ice cream and looked inside. To my surprise, my cum had frozen quite quickly, with even small streams of cum remaining on the walls of the hollow, almost instantly frozen after being blasted from my cock across the sides. Light danced and glistened off the surface of the bright, white cum, creating a lovely contrast against the dark brown chocolate. I was transfixed, all anxiety erased, and I knew that it was time to eat my yummy, cummy snack.

I took a spoon and scooped up one of the small cum streams from the side of the hollow in the ice cream. I lifted the scoop into my mouth let it slide into my tongue. I was hit instantly by the strong taste of chocolate, but as I rolled the ice cream around my tongue, I soon detected the familiar salty flavor and creamy, oily texture of my sperm. I eagerly swallowed the delicious mixture of semen and chocolate and returned to the pint for a larger scoop.

My second and third scoops both circled the perimeter of the sperm pool, to build anticipation for two big final scoops. The fourth scoop was a little under half of the pool of cum, though with a bit of ice cream to even out the flavor. The taste of my semen was stronger than ever, but it mixed and balanced the ice cream’s flavor as if crafted by a professional. I was in heaven, blissfully savoring the large mouthful of cum and chocolate. Soon, my final bite arrived, the largest dallop of cum yet, and with hardly any ice cream.

This time, I let the large scoop of cum melt across my tongue, it’s pungent aroma quickly filling my mouth. I swished the frozen sperm around, letting it form a thin film throughout my mouth. My throat was tingling from the previous bites of cum, and soon my tongue tingled as well, one of my favorite sensations! I took my time, savoring the flavor of my semen before allowing the final scoop to slide down my throat. I was overjoyed! I’d finally broken my cycle of frustration and consumed my sperm again!

Of course, I’ve been thinking all day about making my next batch of cummy ice cream, which I’d like to prepare this evening. I hope this enthusiasm keeps up; if not, I may need to make myself a cum eating schedule and stick to it without any excuses...

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to message me or share and comment!
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cum burger anyone
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DavidNy ME ME ME!
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Cf3 Isn't that All Natural himself?
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Allnatural Yeah, that is one of my older pics where I edged out some thick cum on to a sausage egg and cheese biscuit I picked up at a local convenience store. I remember feeling the steam warming my penis as I ejaculated on it.
cum on feet yummy licking
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I am hungry for warm fresh cum
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Just before adding my cream to cheesecake.
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Cf3 Nice pic. 🙂
I love playing with my precum when I drip it on food.
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Makes me horny to have my penis near food. You can see the string of precum from my cock to the granola bar.
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Posing my penis with a granola bar I was about to drip precum on.
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