This is a list of places I frequently hangout online.  I post these here mostly for my own convenience, but if you are also on any of these sites, feel free to say hello.  If you know of any good sites to explore, please share your recommendations.

My Favorite Online Hangouts

Location Username Description allnatural210 This is primarily a forum for guys to discuss everything and anything having to do with masturbating. allnatural210 This is a good site for finding other people who share whatever your fetishes might be.  Feel free to add me as a friend, and let me know how you found me. CumAndPissFun
Tumblr is a great site for rapidly sharing photos.  It isn’t a true adult site, but they do have a liberal policy regarding adult material as long as you tag it as such.  I maintain several Tumblr blogs that I use to help promote this blog. allnatural This is a pretty cool site that makes it fun to post dick picks. allnatural210 This is a forum site all things related to jerking off.  includes an IRC chat. allnatural69 This is a site I only visit occasionally.  Its more focused on pissing as a fetish than actually drinking pee.  It does seem to be quite active though. allnatural210 This is where I post most of the videos that I make. All_Natural This is an alternate site where I post some videos as a backup to xtube.
Yahoo IM allnatural210
IRC: #jackinchat Cum_On_Food The JackinChat website runs an IRC channel on  Handle names are not reserved, they are first come, first served, but I try to pick the same one when I connect.

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