Forum Rules

These rules apply to all of the forums. Please read and abide by these rules of common courtesy. The goal of these forums is to foster a community of like minded individuals who enjoy food play with cum and/or pee.

  1. Be supportive and considerate. No degrading, mean, or rude comments. If you don’t like something you see just move on. This includes harassment of other members via private messaging and emails.
  1. Be original. Don’t post photos you grab from other sites. Use this site to explore your own creativity by sharing only your own original work.
  1. Edit your photos. You know what we all want to see, so crop your photos, and rescale the image size to something we can view without excessive scrolling.  As a general guide, avoid uploading images greater than 1000 pixels in height.  Use the photography forum to seek assistance if you need to.
  1. Do not upload videos. There are many sites that are tailored to handle the CPU and bandwidth demands of streaming video. This site is not one of them. You can link to videos hosted on other sites, but don’t upload them here.
  1. Only share your best photos. With digital cameras, its good to take many photos so you can choose the best ones. Please don’t flood the forums with redundant photos. Pick only your best photos from each photo shoot to share.
  1. Photos posted here, should stay here, unless you have been given permission by the owner to post them elsewhere.
  1. Stay on topic. Each forum has a specific general topic.
  1. Do not abuse the forums for self-promotion. Do that in your profile. No soliciting for money or services.
  1. Be thoughtful. Use a spell-checker and good grammar.  Keep your posts well formatted using the text formatting options.  Avoid writing in twitter-speak.  Make your comments easy to read, not a challenge.
  1. Do not give out personal information. If you wish to communicate personal information with another member, use private messaging. Do not use these forums to solicit sending body fluids by mail.
  1. All standard upload rules apply. No minors. No scat. No blood. No incest. No violence. No bondage. No bestiality.
  1. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove any images, comments, or threads that violate these rules or do not conform to the general website theme and/or forum topic.

These rules are subject to change. Remember, the goal of these forums is to foster a friendly community of like minded individuals who enjoy food play with cum and/or pee. By staying within the spirit of this charter we can all enjoy sharing our erotically provocative fun.