Cum 101 F.A.Q.

  1. What ingredients are in cum?
    See the post:  What is in cum?

  2. What is the nutritional value of cum?  How many calories are in cum?
    See the post:  Nutritional Value of Cum

  3. Why is cum white?
    Cum is not actually white, it is clear.  The viscosity of the semen causes it to act opaque.  The more sperm contained in the semen, the higher the viscosity will be.  As the semen breaks down, or “settles” as it is commonly referred, it becomes less viscous and more fluid.  This causes the semen to become more clear and translucent.  Cum usually settles to a relatively clear color after only a few minutes.

  4. Is cum safe to eat?
    Assuming you are healthy, your own cum is completely safe to eat.  Eat as much as you want, as often as you want.  If you are eating someone else’s cum, then as long as that person is healthy, their cum is healthy too.

  5. Can swallowing cum spread HIV?
    It is possible, though very rare.  HIV can’t survive in the stomach, but if the swallower has any cuts in their mouth or bleeding gums, then the risk goes up, especially if they swish it around in their mouth.

  6. What does cum taste like?
    Cum taste varies according to diet.  Healthy eating with lots of fruits and veggies will yield a better tasting semen.  In general, semen has a mildly bitter taste when consumed raw.  Pineapples have been known to have a positive affect on the taste of cum.

  7. Are there health benefits to eating cum?
    Semen is high in certain B vitamins that act as a mood elevating anti-depressant.  For more benefits, see the post:  Benefits of Eating Cum

  8. Are there side affects to eating cum?
    There are no side affects as long as the donor is healthy.  However, if you eat a large volume of cum, especially on an empty stomach, you may experience mild stomach indigestion due to the interaction of the semen enzymes and the mucus lining of the stomach.

  9. Can cum be stored for later use?
    Yes, it can be stored in your refrigerator for up to a few days.  For longer storage it can be kept in the freezer and thawed either in the fridge or using warm water.  Never microwave semen.  For freezing tips, see the my posts on storing cum and thawing it again for use.

  10. Is semen vegan?  Will it fit into my diet plan?
    Semen is considered vegan since it is voluntarily provided and no animals are exploited in harvesting semen.  Semen is a low-carb substance that fits perfectly into any diet plan, especially low carb diets.

  11. How can I maintain my desire to eat cum after I orgasm?
    The trick to this is to practice the art of “edging”.  That is where you bring yourself to the edge of an orgasm, then stop.  When done correctly you will ejaculate a few squirts of semen, without having a full orgasm that can cause you to lose the urge to eat.  It takes practice and is easier when stroking slowly as you approach orgasm.

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