Cooking With Cum

Humans have been eating semen since oral sex was invented, just after the invention of fire, and the wheel.  The concept of cooking with it should not be that much of a leap.  Why would anybody want to cook with cum?  Well, its fun, exciting, pleasurable, nutritious, and rather tasty.  Being creative with semen as a special ingredient adds a new level of excitement to the kitchen.

Cooking with cum is not the same as just ejaculating on top of some food.  Sure cumming on food is a blast and always adds that special flavor to whatever you eat it with, but going beyond that requires a bit more intention and forethought.  Most recipes require more cum than is typically available from a single ejaculation.  This problem can only be solved in two ways, either store up your cum to cook with later, or get multiple contributors.

Having multiple cum contributors would be the ideal solution.  This keeps the cum fresh and full-flavored.  However, this may not be possible on a regular basis.  In that case, storing the cum in the fridge for up to a few days is the way to go.  You can also store the cum in the freezer for longer if needed.  See my review here about a product to help with storing cum in the freezer.

The next consideration is how will be semen be used in the dish.  Will it be baked inside?  Used as a marinade?  Drizzled on top?  When baking or marinading with cum, a larger volume is required in order to have any impact on the taste of the final dish.  This typically means at least 4-5 loads of cum.  When using semen as a topping, it can be volumized according to the recipe.  This usually involves allowing the fresh semen to settle, then mixing it with a small amount of egg white, whole milk, and perhaps a touch of sweetener.  The point of using cum as a topping is not just for the flavor, but to create a visual experience that is simultaneously shocking and captivating.

Are you a Cum Chef yet?

For more about cooking with cum, check out my review of the book Natural Harvest – A collection of semen-based recipes.

Please share your thoughts and recipes in the comment area below, and have fun cooking.

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