Cooking With Urine

Once you’ve acquired the taste for fresh urine, a whole new culinary world of excitement awaits you!  Whether you enjoy drinking urine like a fine wine from a glass, or sloppy and wet directly from the tap, you will find you can also enjoy urine in a new variety of ways.  Some ways are more obvious than others, such as mixing urine into a juice drink like V-8.  The purpose of this page is to help stimulate your imagination to find new ways to get urine into your diet that you may not have considered.

Cooking with urine doesn’t offer quite the same nutritional values as cooking with cum, but it can be just as much fun and exciting, with zero calories!  Unlike cum, fresh pee is not always available on demand in the quantities needed.  Pee should not be stored for future use in cooking.  Only fresh urine should be used.

Urine, being mostly water, can often be used as a substitute for water in recipes, replacing the water at a 1:1 ratio.  I have found that urine can also be used as a substitute for milk.  Even with creamy sauces since the consistency of urine is such that creamy foods will still turn out only slightly less creamy, but not as thin as if water had been used.  When replacing milk, I would suggest starting out replacing only half the milk with urine at first then progressing from there.

When using urine as a substitute, its good to note that stronger urine will have a bigger impact on the taste.  If strong urine is too much, then just use less.

Fresh pee also makes a great topping for many foods!  This is a easiest way to “cook” with urine, just pee on your food once its all prepared.  Once you’ve got your plate of food, just add some fresh pee to keep everything nice and juicy.  The urine seems to help bring out the flavor.

So, the big question is… what impact does cooking with urine really have on the taste of the food?  Well, urine has a much more noticeable impact than when cooking with cum.  Depending on the food, there will usually be at least a slight hint of pee or a varying aftertaste of the urine.  In some foods such as Jello, only trained taste buds will be able to identify the pee flavor, while other foods like mac-n-cheese will have a more obvious aroma.

Below I have listed some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.  I try not to suggest anything I haven’t personally tried myself, and I will try to provide links to blog posts reviewing each recipe I suggest.

Pee Recipe Ideas:

  • Jello: This is a fun one, especially given all the different ways Jello can be served.
  • Mac-N-Cheese:  Simple, and only requires 1/4 cup of pee.
  • Instant Oatmeal:  A natural for adding morning pee to breakfast.
  • Hot Tea/Cocoa:  Hot chocolate made with urine, a great combination.
  • Soup:  Condensed or from scratch.
  • Hot Cereal:  Similar to instant oatmeal.
  • Cold Cereal:  Try half pee – half milk and enjoy the yellow milk!

Pee as a Topping Ideas:

  • Salad:  One of my favorites, turn any salad into a soup!
  • Hot Cereal:  Double up, after cooking with it, add it on top.
  • Carved Turkey/Meat:  Turkey can get a little dry, but not if you pee on it.
  • And just about anything else you can eat from a plate or bowl!
Have you ever added your pee to your food?
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Yes, but only as a topping.
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Have you ever drank your pee?
No way!
I have tasted my own pee.
I drink my pee occasionally.
I love drinking my pee!
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