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Cum Storage

Better Cum Storage

Storing cum to eat later is a good way to enjoy eating multiple loads at once, especially if you plan to cook with it.  Earlier I did a review of a specialty single serving salad dressing container that I used for storing cum in the freezer.  That worked pretty well, …

Testing the “Semen-2-Go” Cumtainer

Now that I have several loads saved up in my new favorite cum storage container, I thought I’d post an update on the progress and my thoughts on the product thus far.  You can find the original review of the product, Dressing-2-Go, at this link. The photo at the left …

Started filling it the day I bought it. This is two loads so far.

Product Review: Dressing-2-Go

A better name for this product would be “Semen-2-Go”! While out shopping recently, I stumbled across an exciting new product.  (At least it was new to me since I’d never seen it before.)  At first glance I thought it was some type of first-aid ice pack, but it was too …

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