Cum Topped Ice Cream Sandwich

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Community member Andy_Goo posted one of these photos to the Cum Feed and it looked so good, I had to ask him for the complete set to post to the main blog!

First off, Andy_Goo has a fantastic looking penis, as anyone can clearly see in the first photo.  With a penis like that, you know the cum will be good and delicious!

He also made a good choice in food to cum on.  Not only does it look yummy to begin with, but his cum will show up well on top, making it look even more irresistible.  He demonstrates his cum on food experience in these photos with a good setting, free from distractions, and very good lighting.

As he ejaculates his semen on to the ice cream bar, he also shows his edging skill by keeping his cum on target.  We get to see the money shots as cum oozes out of his hard cock onto the food.  He pumps out a good sized load of tasty looking cum without missing a drop.

He finishes the photo set with an good final photo showing the ready to eat treat, nicely topped with a wonderful load of quality semen.  It looks so delicious, its hard to take my eyes away from it!

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