Oatmeal Raisin Cum Splash Cookie

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The best cookies are covered with fresh cum.  Cookies just taste better with a splash of semen on top.

I love when I go out for lunch and there are individually wrapped, fresh baked cookies for sale at the checkout.  My immediate first thought is, “Which of these cookies would be fun to orgasm on, and which would look best covered in cum?”  In this case, the oatmeal raisin cookie from Firehouse Subs answered the call.

The size of the cookie, in my opinion, is ideal for holding a full load of semen.  The texture on of the oatmeal also helps hold the cum relatively in place on top so it won’t run over the edge too easily.  These are qualities I look for in cookies.

Setting the cookie in front of me, I edged out two loads of cum squarely in the center of the cookie.  I let the cum spread out a bit while I snapped a few photos.  I then took a nice sized cummy bite.

I love taking photos of cum covered food that shows a bite taken out of the food where its obvious cum was eaten.

The video will be available here on Xtube.

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