A Cum Zinger

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I have been wanting to cum on a Zinger for a long time.  They have been tempting me every time I walk through a convenience store.  I don’t know why I waited so long.  Now I now how a Zinger tastes with cum, and it is good!

I have to admit, Hostess does make some fun snacks to play with and top with fresh semen.  I have enjoyed Twinkies with cum, including the new cholcolate Twinkies.  I have also enjoyed Hostess cupcakes slathered in jizzy goodness.  Now I can add Zingers to the growing list of Hostess products that taste great with a nice load of silky cum.

Some of these photos turned out really well.  I really enjoy photographing cum on food, almost as much as I enjoy eating it!  I really like the photo with the wave of semen rolling slowly off the edge.  My semen was thick enough that it was a very slow cascade of cum, allowing me to capture the images with my camera.

The video will be linked here on Xtube once it gets uploaded and processed.

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