St. Paddy’s Day Cupcake Fun

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Here is a nice holiday treat.  A delicious chocolate cupcake decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, and more importantly, topped with two edge loads of cum.  I also had a little fun letting my penis play in the frosting.

Looking at the National Cum on Food Holidays calendar, I see I have nothing yet for St. Patrick’s Day.  While I’d like to eventually fill out the calendar for every day of the year, that will take quite awhile.  Before then, I want to at least fill out the Festive U.S. Holidays list completely.  As you can see here in this post, I can now check St. Patrick’s Day off the list!

I started the fun by plopping my semi-erect penis down on top of the cupcake.  I needed to make a small reservoir with my penis so my semen would have a nice place to pool on top.  I started thumping my erect penis onto the cupcake.  As I slid my penis around a bit on the frosting, I couldn’t help noticing how good the silky smooth frosting felt on the underside of my cock.

After creating a place for my cum in the frosting, I decided that I really wanted a little messy fun with my penis.  The frosting was surprisingly soft.  I started going around the edge, pushing all the frosting into the center so I could smash it back down again.  I was getting more and more excited as I started seeing more and more green frosting on my hard pink penis.  After roughing up the cupcake a bit, it was time to start stroking.

I used the silky smooth frosting on my penis as lube to massage the underside of my cock.  It felt really good.  I had no trouble quickly bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm, but after mashing up the frosting, I needed to re-create a cum reservoir.  Soon I was ready to edge out a warm cum topping.

I kept stroking my cock, using the frosting as lube.  I could feel the pleasure begin to swell up from my legs, through my glutes, and focusing on the tip of my penis.  I added one more stroke to put me on the edge, then paused to let my cock throb as a few initial squirts of cum rolled out.  I then zoomed in the camera for a close-up view of my second edge.  Continuing to stroke, I could feel the pleasure again starting to intensify.  I quickly built up for a second orgasmic release.  I waited until the moment my cock first started to throb uncontrollably to pull my hand away.  I held my penis directly above the cupcake and waited as my pulsating cock began to release a stream of spermy semen.

It was a sweet pair of orgasms.  Not quite a full orgasm, but a very pleasurable set of edge orgasms.  The first edge was a bit watery.  Its a good thing I made a small reservoir for my cum, or it would have ran right off the cupcake.  The cum from my second orgasmic edge was bigger and thicker than the first.  It flowed out in a nice stream of mouth-watering goodness.

After capturing some additional photos of my cum on the cupcake.  I ate all the cum in a single bite.  I didn’t capture it on camera because the cupcake was too messy, and the cake under the frosting was not holding together too well after being pummeled with my penis.  I didn’t want to risk spilling the cum, so I just inhaled it all.  It tasted very good!

I could distinctly taste my cum as well as the frosting.  Like salt on caramel, the cum and frosting began to combine in my mouth.  The flavor went from two distinctly different tastes, to a single new combined flavor that tasted divine!  That was easily the best bite of frosting I’ve ever eaten, it was that good!

Did anyone else enjoy a nice cummy treat for St. Patrick’s Day?

The video is here on Xtube!

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