Pee Drinking Goal Reached

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Roughly four years ago (wow that seems like a long time ago!) I started on a challenge to drink a full keg of piss.  This month, I have reached that goal!  I drank a full keg of my own piss.  Or course, I was not limited to drinking just my own urine, but I never really felt comfortable asking anyone I know to pee in a glass for me.

After drinking a keg of urine, here are some observations I have from the challenge.

  • It should not have taken four years.  I went through several long dry spells where I didn’t drink any piss for weeks or months at a time.  Drinking only a mere 6 ounces per day, I could have finished the challenge in only one year.
  • Its hard to measure quantity when peeing on food or in drinks.  I like pissing on my food, but I would always make low estimates of how much I pee I was adding.  I could have peed into a measuring cup and poured in my food, but its more fun to pee directly on my food.
  • Pee does taste better when you are eating well.  Going through periods where I knew I was not eating good food was somewhat of a deterrent to drinking my pee.  After eating foods high in protein and fast food made me less interested in drinking my pee.
  • Drinking too much pee too fast can cause loose stools.  Sometimes this may be what you want to help with any constipation, but others times it can be an issue, especially in social settings.  The effect is more likely when pee is stronger.

With these considerations in mind… its time to extend the goal line.  Now I’m going for a second keg, but this time I will try to reach the goal before the end of this year.  This should not be too difficult.  In theory, I could drink a keg of piss in under a month if I drink 100 ounces per day.  That is just a little more than 8 12-oz cans of pee every day.  I won’t be testing that theory though.

Instead, I’ll be doing periodic urine fasts where I drink only urine and water for 24-48 hours.  During a urine fast, I can easily consume over 200 ounces of urine.  At that rate, doing only 10 urine fasts will finish off a full keg of piss.  If I then do one fast every 3-4 weeks, I will easily reach my new goal of swallowing 2 kegs of urine.

I’ll have more about my thoughts on urine fasting in an upcoming fun blog post, so stay tuned.

Anyone else working on the keg of piss challenge or already completed it?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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