Semen Topped Mint Chocolate Protein Bar

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We all know semen goes great with anything chocolate, so when I saw this new chocolate mint protein wafer bar at the store, I knew I would have to ejaculate on top of it.  Sure, it was am impulse buy, but I was both horny and hungry.


The plan was simple; remove bar from wrapper, ejaculate on top, enjoy.  I had a nice edged orgasm that yielded a solid load of thick milky white cum.  I was able to place my hot spunk on the chocolate bar with professional precision.  Like an artist painting with a penis brush, my cum was laid out on top like a true work of art.  The well decorated protein bar looked mouthwatering!


Before eating my cum topped treat, I took some time to get some good photographs to share, along with the video.  That delay allowed the cum to settle a bit, letting it lose some of its thick white luster.  Nonetheless, it tasted great, as one would expect it would. I’ll post the link to the video once its ready.

I really love the photo above.  My penis looks like its tired from a job well done!Yes, this tasted every bit as good as it looks!Here is the direct link to the video, also embedded below, on Xtube.

Cum on Chocolate Mint Bar powered by XTube

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