Sitting on Food… Is This A Thing Now?

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I recently had a request to make a video of myself sitting on food, then eating it.  Until now, sitting on food never occurred to me as something I might enjoy.  I pondered the request for a little while before responding.  As I was pondering, I noticed I had a raging erection.  I guess that means I have to give sitting on food a try!

I figure that if I take a shower first, thoroughly washing everywhere, my butt should be just as clean as my hands.  In fact, there are probably fewer germs on a person’s buttocks than there are on their hands, especially after a good scrubbing in the shower.  There is some evidence to support this claim.  A study has shown that toilet seats are dirtier then cell phones by far.  And I seem to recall a similar study that showed the flush handles on toilets were also dirtier than the seats.

Given that I routinely put my penis in my food, eat my semen, pee on my food, and drink my urine…, eating something after sitting on it seems like something I should have already been doing.  If its clean, why not!?

Now I was determined to sit on some food and then eat it. First, I had to find something fun to sit on.  Normally when I shop for food to play with, it is with the intention of ejaculating on it.  Burgers and granola bars are great to cum on top of, but they wouldn’t be very interesting to sit on.  As sitting on food is new to me, I would have to think differently for this.

I needed to find food that could be squished, and that was big enough to cover my butt.  My initial though was pumpkin pie with whipped cream!  Sounds delicious and fun.  That will definitely happen, but not for my first attempt, as I don’t think I could eat a whole pumpkin pie on camera.  I found myself strolling through the local grocery store looking for food that would be ideal to sit on naked.  In the bakery section, I found exactly what I was looking for.  It was a nice big square piece of cake with vanilla frosting and a custard center, topped with a strawberry.  I could hardly wait to sit on it!

Once I got home, I setup two cameras, one for the front view and one for the rear, then I hopped in the shower.  After drying off, I was ready to sit on some cake!

I had no idea what to expect.  I figured the cake would probably just squish out behind me and in front of me.  I imagined it would squish out around my scrotum, which would make an interesting video.  Using a footstool, I stood up high above the counter top, lined up my target, then slowly sat down, bare-assed, on the cake.

At first I felt cool frosting on my butt cheeks.  I had to resist the initial reaction we all have when you realize you are about to sit on something you shouldn’t be sitting on.  I continued to lower myself down on the cake slowly.  I could feel the cake squish into my butt crack as some frosting squishing out in front and behind me.  As my full weight settled on the cake, I felt the cool frosting pressing up on my anus.

Now fully seated on top of my piece of cake, I could feel a distinct wedge that had formed like a mold in the shape of my ass crack.  I could feel the cake between my cheeks as I wiggled around a little before standing up again.  I was surprised at how little cake had actually squished out in front and behind me.  Where did the cake go?

Once I stood up I figured out what happened to the cake.  It had compressed down into a ridge, the primary feature of which was a small mound where my anus would have been.  It was a uniquely interesting experience to see the edible 3D mold of my anus that I had just created.  Reminding myself again that my anus was just as clean, if not cleaner, than my hands, I picked up the spoon and dug in to the cake.

Every bite of cake tasted delicious!  Being compacted, the cake could be eaten in fewer bites.  Each bite was accompanied by a rush of excitement, as I ate my way through the entire cake-rendering of the space between my cheeks where the sun don’t shine.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  It was fun, exciting, messy, delicious, naughty, and erotic.  This is my new favorite way to eat cake!  Now…, what else would be fun to sit on and eat?

When I was all cleaned up again, I did some searching for photos/videos of other people sitting on food.  I didn’t find very many, but most of them were also with cake.  I have to wonder, is Cake Sitting becoming a thing now?  Should I make more videos like this?

The photos don’t quite show how much fun I had getting messy with my piece of cake before eating it.  The Xtube video will be embedded below the poll questions if you want to see how much fun I had.

Have you ever sat naked on food?
No, but it looks like messy fun!
Only by accident.
Yes, just for fun, but not to eat.
Oh yeah, and it was delicious!
No way! That would be a disgusting waste of food.
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Is Cake Sitting a thing?
No, but it should be!
Beats me, but I like it!
Sitting naked on cake is definitely a thing!
Yuck! I hope not!
Meh. Whatever. Maybe if you have a cute butt.
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