Hotel Room Penis Fun

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I find hotel rooms are excellent places for a little solo fun.  On this occasion, my penis needed to give the room I was staying in a complete, penis-on, inspection.  My penis acted like a third hand as I went around the room putting my penis on everything that I, or someone else, would typically use with their hands.

I checked the door was locked first.  Then I grabbed the TV remote and let my penis fumble with the buttons while searching for something of interest to watch.  Finding nothing of interest, I went over to the CD player alarm clock combo.  Using my penis I pushed the various buttons, but I didn’t bring any CDs to listen to, so I just settled for some local radio.

Moving on, I went over to the phone.  I tried to call the front desk for a wake-up call using my penis, but the buttons were too small.  Instead I settled for my cell phone alarm.  I then ran my penis across the edge of the desk on my way over to the coffee maker.

The hotel provided a nice little coffee maker with a cute little coffee pot.  Naturally I had to put my penis inside the coffee pot for a quick peniselfie.  I won’t be making coffee, but I’m sure whoever uses the room next will rinse out the pot before they use it… or will they?

I have heard that even the cleanest looking hotel rooms have semen sprayed all over that is just not visible.  What is wrong with people?  Eat it!!  Don’t spray it!!

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