Fruit, Nut & Seed Bar with Extra Seed

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I saw these energy bars on sale at the local grocery store.  I was immediately excited by the name and had to check the ingredient list to see if they were made with my favorite seed.  Unfortunately they were not.  No problem though, I can always just add my own favorite seed as a nice moist topping, and of course, that is exactly what I did.

I have been too busy over the past several months to add any new posts to this blog, but I wanted to share this nice treat with the hope that I will be able to resume more regular updates.  I still really love eating cum, especially with food.

These energy bars taste great on their own, so I am sure you can imagine how much better they must taste with a layer of fresh warm semen across the top.

As usual, I like to feel the various textures of foods using my penis.  These bars felt a little soft and a little sticky.  They also had plenty of little pockets that are perfect for trapping cum, while still allowing my semen to flow across the top.


I edged out a nice load of jizz on top of the energy bar.  As i suspected, it easily flowed across the top while filling in the little cracks and crevasses with delicious most cum.  I did not take any video of my ejaculation, but the photos look as good as it tasted!

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