Europe’s Favorite Cookie… with Cum

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So this is allegedly Europe’s favorite cookie to have with coffee.  Well, I can’t speak to how they taste with coffee, but I can say they taste fantastic when topped with fresh semen.  I was given a package of these cookies while on a recent flight and I immediately thought they would be much better with cum.  I stashed the cookies away in my travel bag to enjoy later when I wasn’t surrounded by people who might not appreciate the simple joy of whipping out my penis and ejaculating on cookies before eating them.

Back home, I laid out the cookies out on the counter.  I could see they looked perfectly designed for adding cum on top.  They had a baked in ridge around the edge that would help keep semen from easily running over the side.  The cookies had some texture that would also help keep the semen from rolling off.  There was some lettering baked into the cookie that made a nice target to aim for when ejaculating.  The cookies themselves were crisp, yet capable of slowly absorbing the extra moisture provided by the delicious semen.  Finally, they are an ideal size to hold a nice thick load of fresh splooge.

The cookies managed to get cracked during my trip, however, that just made it more visually appealing in the video since I was able to carefully apply my cum over the crack.  You can see in the video that I edged a very pleasing and controlled orgasm that allowed my jizz to flow precisely where I wanted.

The only drawback was that while masturbating toward the edge, I paused to adjust the camera without realizing I had moved it too close for the camera to auto-focus correctly.  As a result, what should have been a beautiful clear shot of my semen cascading from my penis onto the cookies, turned out rather blurry.  At least the still photos of my cum-topped treat turned out in full mouth-watering clarity!

When I picked up the cracked piece to eat, my cum made a yummy flow line that nicely connected my mouth to the cum topped treat still on the counter.  Of course the cummy cookie tasted fantastic.  This was my first ever Biscoff cookie that I can remember eating, so the cinnamon flavor mixed with the taste of my cum was a nice surprise.  I am sure these cookies would still be delicious with either coffee or milk, but with fresh semen they are definitely divine!

The video will be available below once it gets uploaded to Xtube.

Cumming on top of a Biscoff cookie. powered by XTube

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