Rocky Cocky Cummy Road

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Any food with the “Rocky Road” designation implies there are lots of goodies in it.  By definition, that typically means chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows.  In my opinion, this definition should be expanded to include semen!

I found this Rocky Road marshmallow treat at the local 7-11 store and I had to try it.  The “rocky” bits provide plenty of grooves and crevices for semen to flow over and into.  Its also a nice size for an easy target to ejaculate on top of without too much fear of overshooting.

I rubbed my penis across the top of the treat a few times before I started milking my semen.  I liked the way the chocolate covered marshmallows felt on my penis.  I could feel the chocolate as it would start to melt a little if I kept my penis on it for too long.  Having fully explored the “rocky” texture with my penis, it was time to have an orgasm.


While stroking my shaft, I had plenty of time to determine the ideal target for my cum.  There was a nice pocket surrounded by marshmallows.  I knew my cum would look great in a little puddle there on top, and it would stay there while I ate around it, saving the bites with the most cum for last.

I edged out a really nice load.  It was probably closer to a full orgasm than a typical edge.  No matter though since I still enjoy eating my cum even after a full orgasm.  Full orgasms also tend to have more of the thick full-flavored semen that I really enjoy eating.


Doesn’t that look good with all that cum on top?  Who wouldn’t want to eat that?  Adding cum to food is so much fun!

I think this animation of my cumshot might just be one of my best!  I find myself starring at it, watching my orgasm shoot warm cum over and over again!  It almost feels like reliving the orgasm, and I can taste my cum all over again!

The full video will be embedded below once it gets uploaded and Xtube finishes their encoding process.


Rocky Road Orgasm powered by XTube

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