Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits and Semen

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blueberry-bicuits-10Belvita breakfast biscuits are perfect for topping with a load of fresh semen.  The biscuits are nice and crunchy, holding up well even as the semen on top begins to soak in.  Despite being crisp, it is just soft enough to not crumble apart after taking a bite the way some granola bars do.  For these photos I chose a package of Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits.  These photos are from three separate ejaculations on different days where I had a nice orgasm on my breakfast.

blueberry-bicuits-7  blueberry-bicuits-9

The cum topped biscuits tasted really good with the moisture from my semen helping to bring out more of the blueberry flavor.  As is usually the case, semen simply makes food better.

blueberry-bicuits-5  blueberry-bicuits-4

blueberry-biscuit-cumshotI always love seeing fresh sperm on my breakfast as I raise it up to my mouth and take a bite.  I find myself really savoring each bite, exploring with my taste buds for that hint of cum flavor.  The bites that include the most cum naturally take the longest to eat.  I feel with my tongue for the moist part of the treat, then hold it on my tongue to fully embrace the cum eating experience.  There is never enough cum to add to my food, but I suppose if there were, it wouldn’t be such a divine treat!

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