Cummy Oats & Peanut Butter

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cummy-oats-peanut-butter-1-03To close out the tri-fecta of cumming on granola bars, I chose the peanut butter flavor.  Visually these bars look similar to the oats and honey bars except these bars have a noticeable layer of peanut butter spread across the top.  Or course, semen goes well with peanut butter, so I knew these bars taste great coated with fresh cum.

cummy-oats-peanut-butter-1-01Adding my cum atop these bars didn’t quite go as I had planned.  After positioning the granola bars in a manner I thought would be good to receive my semen, I began stroking my penis until I was right at the edge of an all out orgasm.  As the throbs of pleasure began, I moved my penis into position above the granola bars as controlled squirts of semen began softly shooting out.  Unfortunately I was aiming for the center of the two bars, which is where the gap is between them.  My semen began to flow in between the two bars instead along the top.  You can clearly see in the video that it took me a few squirts to realize the mistake and try to correct the problem while still experiencing an orgasm.

cummy-oats-peanut-butter-1-04As my edged orgasm continued, I was able to drain a nice dollop of semen on the first granola bar.  I then tried to scoop up the semen on the plate using the second granola bar.  That worked only marginally well as the semen didn’t really stick to the granola as I had hoped.  I still had enough semen on the first bar to spread it around nicely, which you can see in the photo.

cummy-oats-peanut-butter-1-05As I started to eat the first cum topped granola bar, I went through the usual motion of trying to squeeze out from the base of my penis every last drop of cum.  While doing this it occurred to me that my penis was still erect, so why not just edge again onto the second granola bar.  So that is what I did.

cummy-oats-peanut-butter-1-06I edged out a second shot of semen on the second bar, while eating the first bar that was coated with semen from my initial orgasm.  If only it were always this easy to cover everything I eat with a layer of fresh semen.  I had another nice blissful little orgasm that yielded a delicious spermy squirt of cum.  I used the last bite of the first cummy granola bar to spread my semen around the top of what was left of the second bar.  I then enjoyed eating the final bites of the granola bar, covered in thick semen, on camera.

The full video is available on Xtube.

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