Sophisticated Pee Drinking, My Three Favorite Methods

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In light of my recently finding the urine drinkers cocktail guide, I thought I would share my top three favorite ways to drink my urine.  Believe it or not, most people probably don’t even have one favorite way to drink their urine.  Maybe they just never really gave it much thought.  I have.  For this selection I did not count peeing on my food, only drinking piss as a beverage.  These are my top three methods.

#3  Drinking pee straight from the tap.  For many, drinking from the tap is probably their number one favorite method for consuming urine.  Sure its warm and fresh, but its also messy and inconvenient.  Imagine trying to take a sip to wash down a bite of food at the dinner table.  In my opinion, this method is better suited when drinking someone else’s urine, but for drinking my own, its only ranked as number three.

#2  Drinking pee from a sports bottle.  A large 24+ oz sports bottle can hold an entire bladder full of urine, and I’ve easily overflowed smaller 18 oz containers.  Sports bottles have the advantage of a tightly sealed lid to prevent accidental spills.  The other advantage of sports bottles is they can be taken out in public.  This is great for drinking urine while out running errands, or just out on a stroll through town or outdoor festival.

pho-salad-1-4#1  Drinking pee from a wine glass.  Wine glasses just make whatever you are drinking more sophisticated.  There is no hiding what you are drinking.  It makes a bold statement that you are truly refined enough to appreciate the beverage.  And while urine may lack the tannins of a fine Cabernet, there are still plenty of varietals of piss that present the palate with complex flavors to explore.  Some common varietals include Morning Piss, Beer Piss, Vegan Piss, Beet Piss, Well Hydrated Piss, and some less favorable varietals such as Smokers Piss, and Meat Lovers Piss.  Unlike wine however, urine does not age well.

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