New Cocktail Recipe Book for Urine Drinkers

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urine-drinkers-cocktail-guide-coverWow!  Now there is a drink recipe book for making drinks with fresh urine!  Similar to the Semenology book for making drinks with semen, this Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide is full of drink mixes that call for various amounts of fresh urine.  The 27 page PDF document entitled “The Complete Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide” contains recipes with descriptions and color photos.

urine-drinkers-cocktail-guide-pissco-sourProduced by a company in the U.K., the guide is a tongue in cheek production designed to generate web traffic to the website of the business that put the guide together.  Still, its got some good recipes, and its a fun read.  Its also exciting to see the topic of urine drinking being discussed in the mainstream as something odd but not that unusual.

Their blog post that accompanies the guide goes into a fair bit of detail on the subject of urine drinking, aka Urophagia.  What is really interesting is that they conducted a survey of their customers where apparently one of the questions they asked respondents was do they drink their urine.  Over 3% claimed they do, and that was only from people who actually returned their survey.  I’ll raise a glass of fresh pee to that!

Definitely check out their fascinating blog post, watch their video on how to make a Long Island Iced Pee, then download a copy of The Complete Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide.  And if you are in the U.K. and need some new bathroom fixtures, you know where to go!

Also be sure to share your favorite recipe from the guide here with us in the comments below.

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