How to Eat Your Cum: Mind over Matter

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Mastering the edging technique helps to ejaculate with greater precision.

Often I hear and see guys asking for help overcoming their loss of desire to eat their cum after they orgasm.  Having just unloaded a nice tasty load of semen onto their palm with a raging desire to eat all of it, they are now staring down at it with no desire to eat it anymore.  The craving dissipates seconds after the throbbing subsides.  Now you are left with cum in your hand.  It can be very frustrating, and it happens to just about everyone at first.

Most of us have been there.  I certainly was.  I ended up rinsing a lot of good cum down the drain.  To help prevent that from happening, I’ll offer more tips that I have used, and still use, to eat my own cum.

For this post I want to focus on the mental side of the challenge.  I have previously discussed some of the physical tricks such as edging, and saving cum for later, but that won’t help you much when you are sitting there with a load of cum in your hand after having crossed the edge into a full orgasm.

The loss of desire is a result of hormones released during orgasm.  They temporarily alter your brain chemistry.  Some would say it lets you think clearly for a brief spell.  What it means is that the problem is all in your head.  This is the moment when you are most vulnerable to flushing away good cum.  This is the critical point when you need to immediately refocus your thoughts.  The negative thoughts will try to take over your mind, but you can fight back by repeatedly reminding yourself of the following points:

  1. Cum is healthy.  It contains amino acids, B vitamins, and glucose.
  2. Eating cum is natural.  Every day there are millions of people eating cum.
  3. Cum tastes good.  The flavor may vary, but the more you eat, the better it tastes.
  4. I want to eat my cum.  Drive this point home loud enough to drown out negative thoughts.
Enjoying a spoonful of fresh semen!

Enjoying a spoonful of thick fresh semen!

Repeat these points over and over in your mind.  These points will guide your brain to the only sensible response to having a load of fresh semen in your hand; that is, to simply eat it.  This also works if you ejaculate on food instead of in your hand.

The more you repeat the above points to yourself, the less your brain will try to fight you about eating your semen.  It will get easier and easier, and soon it will be a no-brainer to eat your cum after a full orgasm.

It can also be helpful to avoid looking at your cum before eating it.  You can methodically bring it up to your mouth and slurp it all up in a single motion without even thinking about it.  Don’t give your brain a chance to say no.   Sometimes it just takes a glance to make you pause long enough to have second thoughts about eating your cum.


To fully enjoy the flavor, try swishing your cum around in your mouth for a few minutes until it gets really foamy like this.

If you try this and still struggle to eat your cum, you can try delayed eating.  There are many ideas on this blog for things you can do to avoid flushing your cum away just long enough until the desire to consume it returns.  This might only be a matter of minutes.  This is where adding your cum to food helps.  Also try frothing.  Frothing your cum also changes the look of it, which changes your brain’s response to eating it, plus it creates some delay for your desire to return.  Freezing your cum is another good option that allows you to enjoy it when you are most aroused at the thought of eating it.  There are more ideas on the Cum Chef page too.

Please share your results in the comments below, along with any additional tips you may have to help out others still trying to get over that loss of desire.

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