Hershey’s Chocolate Creme Pie with Creamy Cum Topping

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hershey-pie-1-01I really enjoy adding my cum to desserts.  It makes a sweet treat even more of a special treat, and it tastes so good!

I bought a 2 slice package of chocolate creme pie from the frozen section at the local grocery store.  The package says just thaw and serve.  I think it should say, let pie thaw while masturbating, add one orgasmic ejaculation on top of the slice of pie, then serve.

The pie has both chocolate syrup and chocolate chips on top of the chocolate creme.  The top of the pie provided plenty of nice little nooks and crannies that are perfect for semen to flow into.  This makes it really ideal for keeping semen on top of the pie even while eating it.

hershey-pie-1-02  hershey-pie-1-03

I had a nice little orgasm on top of the pie.  I added three nice shots of cum to the pie plus a few extra throbs.  After my orgasm, I used the fork to spread the semen around the top of the pie so I would get some semen with every bite!

hershey-pie-1-04The pie with my semen on top tasted so delicious that this is the only way I ever want to eat chocolate creme pie from now on!  I really enjoyed the pleasure of the orgasm, and then getting to eat the reward with pie.  I will definitely be adding more cum to the second slice when I eat that one.

hershey-pie-1-cumshotIn the full video, you can clearly see that every bite include some fresh semen  You can click through the animated cumshot to see the full video on Xtube.


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