Cummy Oats & Honey Granola Bars

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granola-oats-honey-1-02Fresh semen makes a wonderful topping for crispy granola bars.  The cum adds a little bit of extra creamy moistness to the dry granola.  The flavor of the granola compliments the flavor of fresh cum in a fantastic mix of natural goodness.

Granola bars come in a large variety of styles and flavors.  Some are chewy, some are crunchy.  My personal favorite to eat with cum are the Nature Valley granola bars.  They provide an ideal size target for my ejaculation.  They also provide a nice visual appeal with fresh cum on top.  Their dry crispness holds them together well even when topped with a nice load of cum.  It can be very disappointing to pick up a nice cum covered snack only to have it fall apart just before you put it into your mouth.  These granola bars will soak up some of the moist cum, but also retain enough firmness to hold together while you walk around enjoying your nice cummy treat.  They do tend to crumble when you bite into them, so maybe keep a plate handy to catch the crumbs.

granola-oats-honey-1-cumshot1  granola-oats-honey-1-cumshot2

I could feel the anticipation building as I approached my orgasm.  There really is an extra layer of excitement from knowing that I’ll be eating my cum.  In the images above, captured during my orgasm, you can clearly see how I positioned the granola bars so I had plenty of target area for my ejaculation.  I brought my penis to a nice orgasmic edge (twice actually as you can see from the video!) and let my cum roll out on top of the granola bars.  I was able to position my throbbing penis to allow a fairly even amount of cum on each bar.

granola-oats-honey-1-04  granola-oats-honey-1-03

Doesn’t that cum look appealing?  I love seeing the nice strand of semen connecting the two cum topped granola bars.  At this point I couldn’t wait to devour my treat!

granola-oats-honey-1-cumshot3I could eat this every day!  Doesn’t that look so delicious?  It sure tasted awesome!  Click here for the video on Xtube.

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