Cummy Oats & Dark Chocolate Granola Bar

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Another day, another cum topped granola bar to enjoy.  Previously, I added my cum to an Oats & Honey granola bar.  This time I dropped a fresh load of semen on a dark chocolate granola bar.  I had been edging myself for quite some time when I suddenly felt it was time for an orgasm.  I hastily setup the granola bar to receive my cum, then shot a load across the top.  In my haste I didn’t capture the best images, and I overshot the granola with one of my orgasmic pulses.  I also positioned the granola in a way that allowed my initial squirt of cum to roll off.  I still licked up the cum that didn’t make it onto the granola bar, but I prefer all of my cum to be on my food.

cummy-oats-dark-chocolate-1-01Eating these cum topped granola bars was awesome.  I didn’t bother to spread my cum around, instead I just enjoyed taking a nice couple bites with the most cum on it.  The extra cummy bites were so delicious!  I love feeling the extra moistness on my tongue as my semen soaks in to the granola.  The flavors and sensations are truly divine.

cummy-oats-dark-chocolate-1-02The dark chocolate wasn’t really all that dark.  You can see it still have good contrast with my semen, but my cum would have stood out even better I think on a darker granola.  You can see in the photo that my cum is thick and full of flavor!

cummy-oats-dark-chocolate-1-03Here is the full video of this delicious snack.

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