Strawberry Banana Pee Jello

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In my opinion, Jello is one of the best treats to make with urine.  Its an easy substitution that calls for a substantial quantity of fresh pee.  Its easy to make, tastes great, can be enjoyed with endless variations, and is fun to play with.  Anyone who enjoys pee needs to give this a try.  Here is how I made and enjoyed my bowl of pee Jello.

To start, Jello comes in many flavors, and different size packages.  When I made this, I used the 3oz package of Strawberry Banana flavored Jello.  It only requires 16oz of water, which is manageable to swap with urine from a single bladder.  Of course, you don’t have to use only urine, you can go half water and half urine, or any amount of urine that you can produce then topped off with water.

The larger packages could be a good option if more than one person is adding their pee to the Jello.  I would not recommend storing the urine to wait for a second bladder since it will start to oxidize and go foul.  Always cook with fresh urine.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-01 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-03 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-04 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-05

I started by peeing into a 16oz measuring cup.  I knew I would have enough piss in my bladder to fill the cup since I had filled and drank a 19oz glass just a little while earlier.  I already knew my pee was tasting pretty good and would be really good to use in making Jello.  I guess that means that the urine I used to make the Jello was urine I had already recycled once.  I carefully topped off the measuring cup with fresh pee.  Its better to add too much, then drink a little to get back down to what the directions call for.  If your bladder is not able to supply enough pee, just add water to get to the required amount.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-06Once I had the right amount of pee, I put it in the microwave.  The directions on the box call for 8oz of hot water to mix in the Jello, then added another 8oz of cold water.  I could have split my pee half, and only heated that half, but I was feeling lazy.  After nuking my piss for a minute or so, I poured the steaming urine to the empty bowl.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-07 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-08 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-09

Now it was time to pour in the Jello mix and stir for a few minutes until the Jello was completely dissolved into the urine.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-10 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-11 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-12

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-13 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-14 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-15

At this point I could have mixed in some strained cans of fruit.  I didn’t have any on hand, but I like adding fruit cocktail into the Jello, and/or banana slices.  This is where its fun and easy to get creative.  You could easily make Jello shots, or  buy molds to make Jello jigglers.  You can pour it into small cups for single serving sizes, or make layers with multiple flavors.  The possibilities are endless.  Finally the last step is to let is set in the refrigerator for several hours.  It felt oddly erotic in some way knowing that I had a bowl of piss in my fridge.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-16I like adding Cool Whip topping to my Jello.  If I ever throw a party for cum and piss lovers, this would be fun to make using Penis Jello Molds and strategically placed Cool-Whip topping.

Of course, I had to put my penis into the Jello before eating it.  Jello is fun to play with and the cool slippery texture feels great on your penis.  The Jello tasted great, with no discernible taste of pee other than a slight aftertaste, but then I started with pee that I knew tasted good.  Naturally, this counts as 16 more ounces toward my personal challenge to drink a keg of piss.

strawberry-banana-pee-jello-17 strawberry-banana-pee-jello-18

If you make your own Pee Jello, let me know in the comments below how it turned out for you.  Please comment your Pee Jello experiences and creative ideas for all of us to try.

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