Cornbread recipe using cum and piss.

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A fan of the site recently sent me a series of photos of his latest tasty creation.  He made traditional cornbread, with a nice twist.  It looks like it turned out very delicious, but how could it not?  This is the best way I can think of to make cornbread.  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t make it this way every time.  If this were served to me at a restaurant, and the hostess told me it was made with a delightful mix of both fresh semen and fresh urine, I would be like, “Hmm, thanks, how interesting, sounds delicious.”

So this recipe and all accompanying photos were submitting by JackJackerson.  I like how he used a condom to collect both cum and precum during extended edging sessions.  I may have to try that myself.  He also chose a good recipe that has good options for substitutions.  Here is how he described his mouth-watering entrée…

So a little over a week ago I decided to spend some quality time with my cock (edging all day and once I passed the 6 hour mark, cumming twice) for three days and collecting my pre-cum and cum. The first photo shows how I would hang a condom off my cockhead to collect it. After I had enough I bought a box of cornbread mix and instead of using an egg and milk, I used my collected cum and piss. It mixed up and baked well (though didn’t rise much) and tasted really good. So good I gave my male neighbor half of it telling him I didn’t want to eat the whole thing! I did save a piece to eat with my piss soup (but forgot to take a pic of that).

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