Ten Load Ravioli

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Saving up several loads of cum is harder than it sounds when it is so good to eat while fresh in the moment.  Nonetheless, I managed to store ten ejaculations in my freezer.  This would be a good test for my cum warming process.

Quick review… I use my favorite storage containers to store my frozen cum until I am ready to warm it back up.  Once thawed I enjoy using a frother to re-invigorate my semen before adding it to food.  All of these are described further on my Cum Chef page.


With ten loads of cum, there are all sorts of interesting possibilities for cooking with cum.  In this case, I was mostly curious about testing my process for using frozen cum with a larger quantity.  This would be about twice as much frozen cum as I’ve ever tried to thaw before.

ravioli-10-loads-04 ravioli-10-loads-03

Recently I added a single load of frothy cum to a plate of ravioli.  It looked great and tasted great, so I figured that would give me something good to compare against.  My plan was to again add my frothy cum to my ravioli, but this time using ten loads of semen.

 ravioli-10-loads-05 ravioli-10-loads-06

initially, my frozen cum was being stubborn and didn’t want to come out of the container.  I had to warm it a bit first using hot water before I could pop out the block of cum.  In the future, I’m going to try lining the container with a little coconut oil before I start cumming into it.  That should help make it easier to get my cum out when I’m ready to eat it.

ravioli-10-loads-07 ravioli-10-loads-08

Now with a block of my frozen cum in a small sauce bowl resting on my cum warmer, I just had to wait for it to thaw.  As my semen thawed, I prepared my plate of ravioli.  The warming semen began to fill the kitchen with a pleasant cummy aroma.  I wonder if other people would be able to identify the scent if they walked into my kitchen while I was warming up a batch of cum?

ravioli-10-loads-09 ravioli-10-loads-10 ravioli-10-loads-11 ravioli-10-loads-12

Once my cum was completely thawed, it was time to froth it up.  This is where the train went a little off the rails.  I had not considered how much frothing increases the volume.  This quickly became apparent as my frothy cum began overflowing the small bowl before even half of it was frothed.  I should have either used a much bigger bowl, or split my warm semen into multiple bowls.

ravioli-10-loads-13 ravioli-10-loads-14

As my cum began to overflow the small bowl and burn up on the cum warmer, I had to stop frothing.  At this point, I should have just transferred my cum into a larger bowl.  I didn’t really know yet how much unfrothed cum there still was, and my ravioli was already prepared and starting to cool off.  I decided to go ahead and add all of my warmed cum to my plate of ravioli.

ravioli-10-loads-15While pouring my semen on top of my ravioli, I could see that much of it was still rather watery.  The frothy portion stayed on top for the nice visual effect I was looking for, but all the still watery cum rolled off and completely enveloped my ravioli.  I still was able to eat cum with nearly every bite, but it was not quite what I had in mind.

ravioli-10-loads-16ravioli-10-loads-17Looking back, I think ten loads of cum is probably overkill for most topping applications.  Five loads would have been more ideal, then I could have had two meals each with five loads.  If I were going to bake something with my cum, then it wouldn’t matter, since I wouldn’t be frothing it up anyway.  With that in mind, from now on I’ll be limiting my frozen cum to no more than 5 loads per container.  That is a reasonable amount to cook with, plus I can always add a sixth load fresh from the tap.

ravioli-10-loads-18Eating this plate of ravioli was certainly exciting.  Every bite included a little cum flavor.  I made sure to eat with a spoon so I could scoop up my semen with each bite.  Some of my first bites were almost all semen, with only a little piece of ravioli.  Writing about my experience eating this plate of semen covered ravioli is giving me a nice hard erection.  That’s how I know it was a good meal!

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