Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cum Dripping Cookies

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grandmas-cookies-1-01grandmas-cookies-1-02Cookies are such a magnet for fresh hot cum!  This time, while perusing through the grocery store for something fun to ejaculate upon, I spied a package of Grandma’s Peanut Butter cookies.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I would be eating them covered with cum.  I wonder if the person working the checkout had any clue why I was really salivating while purchasing these cookies.

Right from the start, even before I opened the package, I was starting to drool with pre-cum.  This was going to be fun, pleasurable, and very delicious!  I quickly snapped a teaser photo to share on my Cum on Food Social News Feed.

grandmas-cookies-1-11These are peanut butter cream filled cookies, similar to Oreo cookies.  I already know Oreos are a joy to eat with cum.  I have enjoyed Oreos with my cum many times.  I have added my cum to the middle filling, and also, more commonly, with my cum on top.  All ways of adding cum to Oreos are totally delicious.  With that in mind, I knew these peanut butter cookies seemed like the type that would also be better covered with fresh cum. grandmas-cookies-1-07Once I had the cookies nicely arranged on the plate, I snapped a few more photos of my penis with the cookies.  I really enjoy using my penis to feel the different textures of various foods.  I also love the way my penis looks juxtaposed with food.  And finally, I like eating food that I know has been touched by my penis.

grandmas-cookies-1-12 grandmas-cookies-1-13

Once I start masturbating on my food, I never really know how my orgasm will turn out on camera until I’m done.  If I back off the edge too soon, the cumshot will be a little dribbler, but if I go too far over the edge, I might overshoot my food with too strong a squirt of semen.  With lots of practice, I’ve been able to hone my technique.  I can usually ejaculate a few nice squirts of semen just powerfully enough to show the blissful orgasmic throbbing contractions that have become a common part of my food prep.  That was definitely the case with this orgasm.  The photos and video turned out very good.

grandmas-cookies-1-14After a nice ejaculation, it was time to enjoy the cum-topped reward.  I had enough semen to totally cover two of the cookies, and still have nice cum drops on the remaining cookies.  Of course I ate the cookies with the most cum on top first!

grandmas-cookies-1-04Eating something that is covered with fresh semen is such an erotic rush!  I got to experience that rush twice with this orgasm, and I milked the moment both times.  I chewed each cum covered cookie nice and slowly to fully experience the joy of having my cum in my mouth.  The cookies had an extra moistness to them that enhanced their aroma while adding a subtle hint of semen flavoring to the taste.

grandmas-cookies-1-03 grandmas-cookies-1-05

I hope everyone enjoys viewing the photos and video as much as I enjoy making them.  Look for some of these photos to appear in both the jigsaw puzzles and the memory match game.  You can find the video here on XTube or by clicking on either animated image.

grandmas-cookies-1-cumshot grandmas-cookies-1-cumeat

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