Blueberry Swirl Odwalla Cum Bar

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I eat a lot of these, but this one was just too beautiful not to share.  This was the result of two edges that both nearly crossed the threshold into uncontrolled orgasm.  I was able to control the placement of my cum straight from my penis perfectly onto the bar.  After ejaculating, and after capturing a few good photos, I spread the semen around with my tongue.  There was plenty enough semen to completely cover the entire bar with a nice layer of warm cum.  Spreading the semen with my tongue  gave me a taste of my raw cum, and also kept my jizz from dripping after biting into the treat.

blueberry-swirl-odwalla-2-1 blueberry-swirl-odwalla-2-2

I just love the way fresh semen looks on food!  Doesn’t that look delicious and very tastefully prepared?

blueberry-swirl-odwalla-2-3The snack bar tasted fantastic, and by the time I finished eating my cum covered snack, I was rock hard and craving for more!

And here is a fun version…


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