2015 Naughty Fun Awards

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Well, another year, and lots of cum!  2015 set a new high cum mark for blog posts.  I will have to do a lot of stroking to surpass that this year!

2015 was a good year for personal cum on food innovations.  The year started off by introducing the cum frother and how nicely using one can enhance the appearance of fresh cum, while also bringing out more of the flavor.  That post was quickly followed up by coloring my frothy cum with food coloring, and then also using a cum warmer to revitalize stored frozen semen.

Both the Memory Match Game and Jigsaw Puzzles had many new pictures added to them.  The jigsaw puzzles also got a bit of a revamping to make it more of a challenge.  They are both good ways to keep exercising your brain.

The biggest addition to this blog last year was the ability for visitors to join as members, create profiles with photos, and share them in a private social network format.  In addition, pages were added for The Cum Chef, and Tips for Edging Orgasms.

Also in 2015, I posted an example of how to *not* cum on food.  That post was sandwiched between two chicken pot pie posts, one with cum on top, and the other with pee.  So now lets review the best cum on food and pee on food posts of 2015.

penis-trophyThe 2015 Naughty Fun Blog Awards

As the year went on, I really started to up my game in terms of quality cum on food posts.  This will make choosing winners very difficult.  There were several very good cum shots, and several very artistically presented images showcasing the beauty of cum on food.  For this reason I will have multiple categories and I will be judging based on the following criteria:

  1. How hard does my penis get when reading the post,
  2. How well is the moment of orgasm captured,
  3. How is original is the food selection and preparation,
  4. How clearly is the semen presented of the food,
  5. How much semen is ejaculated on the food,
  6. How erotically appealing does the final result look,
  7. How is the overall quality of the photography,
  8. How much did i enjoy eating the final result.

Most Artistic Cum On Food Photo

The contenders are:


And the 2015 winner is:  Cupcake Cum

Best Cumshot Photo

The contenders are:


And the winner is:  Diced Peaches With A Shot of Cum

Best Cum On Food Post Write-up

The winner is:  Cummus Dip and Chips – This was an easy choice.

chocolate-muffin2-15Most Original Cum On Food Post

The winner is:  Beautiful Cum Topped Chocolate Muffin – This was the first post with frothy cum on food, and also debuted the cum chef apron.

Most Popular Cum On Food Post

baked-beans-1-11The winner is:  Pork & Beans & Lots of Cum

This post, using my cum warmer to thaw several loads of cum, draw a lot of attention.  The was a great meal, with cum in every bite!

Best Pee On Food Post

There were only four contenders for this category.  They were peeing on a pot pie, peeing in cereal (twice), and peeing on a sandwich.  Both peeing in cereal posts were very good, and the pot pie pee was a revelation in how to best eat pot pies.  Here are the contenders:


And the winner is:  Pissy PBJ – This was a great post, with lots of messy penis fun and good quality images of my pee soaking into the delicious sandwich.

Well, that wraps up 2015!  I want to hear your favorites and why from 2015 in the comments below, as well as your suggestion to include in 2016.  I have a lot of exciting ideas of my own that I’m planning to share in 2016!  Happy eating!

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