Quick breakfast with cum

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quick-breakfast-1 Since breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, I feel it is therefore also important to ejaculate on breakfast as often as possible.  Eating a nice cum-topped breakfast allows you to start your day by experiencing the subtle benefits of eating semen, combined with the benefits of having an orgasm.

Even in a fast-paced world constantly on the go, its easy to take a moment to masturbate onto your food.  In my case, I enjoy eating a nice breakfast bar, topped of course with my fresh semen.  I eat breakfast like this quite often, so I don’t usually bother taking photographs.  This time I felt that it looked too delicious not to share a photo of what I was about to eat.

quick-breakfast-2 quick-breakfast-1b
The photos turned out nice, but during the process of digging out the camera, and preparing to take the photos, my semen had time to begin to settle.  As my semen began to slowly settle, it got more and more transparent.  When I initially ejaculated on this breakfast bar, it was a beautiful nice off-white color.  Still, it looks damn delicious.

quick-breakfast-3I’ve also learned some new image effects tricks such as fancy borders.  I’m going to be having a lot of fun now playing with some of the image effects using some of the best cum on food photos throughout my blog.


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