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Fifi sex toys for men feel better than your hand. Unlike fleshlike masturbators or homemade sex toys, their disposable sleeves leave no mess. Meet your new male masturbator.

Okay, I saw this product being advertised over my latest video on Xtube.  Being curious, I thought I should check it out, maybe it will be something useful for collecting semen to eat.  Well, I was wrong.  If you are looking for a Christmas gift for that cum on food lover you know, keep looking, this is not it.

I have filed this review under the “Product Reviews” category, but I should point out that I don’t actually own one of these.  I’m basing my admittedly biased review solely on the marketing content of their website.  Normally I wouldn’t bother writing a review about a product like this, but their “No Mess” claim irked me a little.  Plus, its especially irksome that they are promoting wasting semen with a popup ad over my cum on food videos.  I couldn’t let that go.

First, they claim “No Mess”.  Well, the mess is one of the best parts!  Its the reward.  Its the tasty treat at the end of the maze.  Clearly the people behind this invention make the incorrect assumption that sperm is a waste product, and not the prized possession of the enlightened connoisseur.

Second, they claim “No Clean Up”.  Sorry, but I don’t see how anyone has an orgasm with this thing without getting their penis covered in their own semen.  That would require cleaning up, often with a washcloth, which would then also need to be cleaned.  Plus, now you have a little bag of semen to dispose of somewhere.

Third, each liner sleeve is good for only a single use, so you have to keep a ready supply of liners on hand to use this product.  The sleeves are made of latex.  They don’t say whether it is natural or synthetic latex, so we’ll have to assume synthetic, which doesn’t biodegrade, leaving a mess in the landfill.  They also cost almost $1/each.

This product might be good if you are looking for a simple way to get off while you are stuck in traffic or something.  Maybe your partner wants an easy hassle free way to masturbate you.  I’m sure there is a place for it among the limited selection of male sex toys.  Its good to see some innovation at least.

However, I would argue that simply cumming onto your food is not only one of the least messy ways to have an orgasm by yourself, but also one of the most fun.  And if you aren’t hungry, just cum into a container to store in the freezer to eat later.  And if that isn’t an option, just cum into your hand, and lick it up.  Still no mess to clean up, and no wasted semen either.

If anybody has one of these toys, please share your review in the comments below.

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