Toasted Peanut Butter & Jelly & Cum Sandwich

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When making a sandwich with cum, you have basically two options… either ejaculate into the sandwich or on top of it.  I chose to ejaculate on top so I could see all the hot semen as I ate the sandwich.

cummy-pbj-1-10  cummy-pbj-1-11

A little while back I posted about a similar PBJ I made that I soaked with my fresh urine before eating it.  That was very delicious.  This time I wanted to try the sandwich with fresh semen.  Maybe next time I’ll try a sandwich covered in both cum and piss?  Doesn’t that sound delightful?

cummy-pbj-1-12  cummy-pbj-1-13

One of the nice aspects of cumming on top of a sandwich is that they provide a fairly big target to aim for when ejaculating.  Its easy to have a full orgasm and still keep all of the warm cum on the bread.  You’ll notice in the video below how I try to spread my semen around during my orgasm.  Also, making the sandwich with toasted bread makes for a nice aesthetic contrast with my sperm.  A fun little game to play while eating your sandwich topped with semen is to looks shapes in the pattern of your ejaculation.  In this case, my semen looks kinda like a garden gnome to me from a certain angle.  Delicious!


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