Cupcake Cum

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Mini-cupcake with cum.

Earlier this month I had some cum fun with a mini-cupcake.  This time I tried cumming on a normal size cupcake.  I figured the larger cupcake would need more semen than the mini-cupcake, so I didn’t hold back any cum.  After my initial orgasm edge, I kept going for another orgasm.

Its pretty clear in the photos how different the cum is from one edge to the next.  In fact, in the video, you can see where I had a small edge orgasm between the two big ones, making a total of three orgasms on one cupcake.  Obviously I enjoyed making this video.

chocolate-cupcake-1-11The initial edge load of cum tends to be more fluid.  It did not stay on top of the cupcake too well, but did make for a nice visual.  I love the way it snaked around the shape of the frosting before rolling down the side of the cake part.

As I continued to masturbate over the cupcake, I had the idea that I could make a depression in the frosting to hold my next big semen release.  Using my penis, I squeezed a nice penis-head shaped divot in the frosting.  It was perfectly formed for filling with cum.  I had one more small edge before going to the finale.

chocolate-cupcake-1-12 chocolate-cupcake-1-13

Having that initial edge orgasm was like taking the pressure off a volcano.  It allowed the cum from my final orgasm to flow out like warm cum lava into the penis print I had prepared in the frosting.  Once the throbbing waves of pleasure dissipated, I quickly captured a few nice photos, then enjoyed eating that delicious looking, cum-covered cupcake.

chocolate-cupcake-1-14 chocolate-cupcake-1-15

I ate the whole cupcake in only two bites.  The first bite had all of the thick cum from the top.  The second bite had the cum from the back that had slid down the side.  There was also some cum on the wrapper that I had to lick up to finish the treat.  Since a lot of bakeries sell specialty decorative cupcakes, I think cumming on them will become a common theme on this blog before long.

chocolate-cupcake-1-16 chocolate-cupcake-1-18

Click here or on the animated image below to see the full video on Xtube.


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