Cummus Dip and Chips

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Imagine you are at a pot luck social party.  All of the attendees have brought a dish to share.  As you walk up to the food table, you notice that someone has recently, and clearly, ejaculated onto one of the dishes.  The Spicy Red Pepper Hummus Dip is covered with a load of fresh milky semen.  Now here is the question for you…  Is the dish ruined by someone’s grossly inappropriate behaviour?  Or is this some eclectically provocative new way to enlighten an otherwise mundane offering?  I guess the answer to that really depends on what type of party you are at!

See for yourself, then answer the poll below based on how you would react to seeing this dish on the table at your next adults only pot luck social.


How would you react to Cummus Dip at a pot luck party?
I would have to wait to see how other people reacted.
I would be so disgusted I would leave the party immediately.
I would walk away from the table and just not eat anything.
No big deal, but I would not eat the dip.
I would be willing to try the dip.
I would eat the dip only after someone else did first.
I would dig in immediately!
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hummus-1-21Now that you have made your decision, check out how the dish was made.  Its not too complicated… start with some hummus dip and add sperm.  One of the challenges I faced in preparing this was to resist the urge to stick my penis into the dip.  I’m sure it would have been fun, and eating food off my penis is always a thrill, but I didn’t want to disrupt the pristine look.  Also, due to the larger target area, I didn’t have to focus on edging in order to control the placement of my cum.  I was able to have a more fulfilling orgasm and let my cum flow across the top of the hummus dip.

Below are the photos that capture the moment of orgasm as shots of hot cum glaze over the top of the hummus dip.  You can also check out the full “making-of” video on Xtube by clicking on the animated image below.

hummus-1-11 hummus-1-12 hummus-1-13 hummus-1-14


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