Cum-Topped Pumpkin Spice Mini-Cupcake

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I really love the way my penis looks in this photo! I wish I could suck on it all day long!



pumpkin-spike-mini-cupcake-1-04I think this might be the first time I’ve added my semen to a cupcake.  Cum and cupcakes are definitely a great combination.  Mini-cupcakes are perfect for a single load of cum to glaze on top, and with decorative frosting, they can make a beautiful visual when nicely topped with fresh semen.

pumpkin-spike-mini-cupcake-1-20The cupcakes had a caramel swirl frosting that helped accent the look of my semen.  The paper cup also helped keep much of my semen on top of the cupcake, however, as you can see, there was some spill over.  I think these photos turned out very well.  I really enjoy photographing cum on food.  Almost as much as I enjoy eating it!

pumpkin-spike-mini-cupcake-1-22The animated image link on the left only shows the yummy cumshot, but the link will take you to the full video on Xtube.  Enjoy!  (For some reason, Xtube is failing to accept the video upload right now.  When it gets fixed, I will add a link to it.)


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